The Company
at the heart of hydraulics

At Aidro, we get to the heart of hydraulic solutions and our passion makes every detail important.

From design to production and delivery, we are involved in all aspects to guarantee the highest quality of our products.  As such, we are committed to making our expertise and creativity at our clients’ disposal, to overcome the challenges of the hydraulics market together.

We act in a fair, ethical and sustainable way to protect our
employees, our partners and our business

In the Fluid Power sector, we are pioneers in the introduction of Additive Manufacturing 

Our history

In 1982, Aidro was founded by Mr. Paolo Tirelli, an Italian engineer with a vast experience in the hydraulics sector.

As a leader and innovator (patents’ inventor) in the industry, he was appointed President of the prominent hydraulics Associations (Assofluid and CETOP).

In 2004, Aidro expanded its presence with a new production plant and warehouse in Osmate (Varese).

During 2006, Aidro received the Quality Certification ISO 9001 for the design and production of hydraulic valves and components.

Thanks to the success of its activities, in 2009, Aidro established a new headquarters in Taino (Varese): a modern location, that merges high technology and art, the Aidro Founder’s passions.

In 2012, Valeria Tirelli succeeded her father as CEO of Aidro. New investments in equipments and resources were made available to the company’s clients, resulting in increased services and enlarged products’ range.

Starting from 2017, Aidro introduced the new technology Additive Manufacturing, enabling the production of Metal 3D Printed products in the hydraulics sector.

Driven by the desire to innovate and by the continuous growth of 3D printing, the company now led by the siblings Tommaso and Valeria Tirelli, has expanded its activity to other sectors such as aerospace, energy and oil & gas. 

In 2021 Aidro joins Desktop Metal family to growth in fluid power with Additve Manufacturing.


Aidro srl was founded by Paolo Tirelli as hydraulic specialist 

Production Growth

New workshop for the production of hydraulic valves and manifolds

ISO 9001

Certification for design, manufacture and trade of control valves and components for hydraulic systems


Alberto Tacconelli joins the company as General Manager


New premise in Taino, which brings together the commercial offices and production in a modern building

New Generation

Valeria Tirelli, daughter of the founder, is appointed CEO

3D Printing

New Additive Manufacturing department with 3D printers, design for AM and post-processing

AS/EN 9100

New Quality Management Systems and Certification for Hydraulics and Additive Manufacturing 


Introduction of SAP B1 to implement best practice processes and modern business management software


New environmental and social sustainability policy

Business Development

The founder's son, Tommaso Tirelli is appointed as member of the board of directors for BDM


Expansion of the AM business and Leonardo Helicopters' supplier statement of approval

Desktop Metal

Aidro joins DM to accelerate adoption of Additive Manufacturing 2.0

40th Anniversary

The Company celebrates 40 years since its foundation

Hydraulic components and systems are used in many industrial sectors and Aidro designs and produces a wide range of hydraulic products and special parts with Additive Manufacturing for fluid power, aerospace, energy and other high-tech sectors.

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Our Vision

Aidro, in its field of activity, aims to be a dynamic, flexible, customer-oriented company and promote the development of unique and innovative solutions through the use of Additive Manufacturing.

Aidro wants to consolidate and strengthen its image in the global hydraulic sector. Through the use of new technologies, Aidro wants to establish activities to serve the aerospace sector, which will be increasingly important in the years to come. All staff contribute to change and innovation, according to their responsibilities, functions and skills.

Our Mission

Aidro is working in three specific ways to pursue its vision Increasing its international visibility by participating at trade fairs and through communication campaigns.

Through the introduction and use of Additive Manufacturing, Aidro is positioning itself in sectors with high added value where technical content is very important.

Through the implementation of the AS/EN 9100 certification for the Aerospace sector, Aidro aims to make the company organization more efficient and the staff more and more involved and responsible for their work. IT systems will be increasing used to coordinate the organization and be more efficient. Aidro aims to satisfy its customers by providing added value products both from the technical point of view and the service offered.

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The Codes of Conduct are part of our social responsibility and prerequisite for sustainable success.

Reference Principles

AIDRO carries out its activities in full compliance with the laws and market rules and these laws and rules guide the Code of Ethics.
Transparency and fairness with all those, public or private, who in any way maintain relationships with the company are an essential principle for the company in order to compete correctly in the markets, improve customer satisfaction and protect it’s image and be integrity of its economic and human resources.

Goals and models of conduct


The company management is held responsible for the implementation of these principles.

Human rights

We undertake to observe the internationally proclaimed human rights in our sphere of influence.

Dissemination and adherence to the code of ethics

The Company promotes knowledge of the Code of Ethics throught it’s management, requesting compliance and in the event of non-compliance, it envisages adequate disciplinary sanctions.

Human resources


AIDRO assignes a fundamental role to Human Resources for its existence and growth in the market. Loyalty, professional skills and technical preparation as well as dedication to the company are key to achieving company objectives.

Conflict of interest

Directors, Employees and Collaborators in various capacities must abstain from any activity that may in any way create a personal interest against those of the Company.

Confidentiality Obligation

The use of IT systems must be based on the principles of correctness and confidentiality towards the interests of the company, third parties and public authorities and institutions.

Internal relations

Those holding management positions, as appointed by the company must comply with this code and have a duty to spread the values contained also through the example of their towards their staff.

External relations

Authorities and public institutions

AIDRO undertakes to represent its interests, avoiding situations that are not based on utmost clarity and transparency.

Customers, suppliers, business partners, consultants, etc.

AIDRO undertakes not to have collaborative relationships with subjects who are known to use child labor or hire to personnel in breach of the law, or where there is suspicion of such.

Gifts and benefits

Conflict of interests, gifts and attempted bribery
We give an undertaking that we will not accept gifts or payments or hold investments which could lead to a conflict of interest. In particular, neither bribes nor any other illegal payments may be offered, made or accepted.


The task of supervising compliance with the Code of Ethics is entrusted to the Management who operates with impartiality and has the authority to access all sources of information of the Company.

Aidro’s environmental and social sustainability policy aims at a process of continuous improvement that guarantees the health and safety of its employees and intends to achieve its objectives in the environmental and social fields.

In this context, Aidro promotes conscious and respectful behavior in the use of natural resources and recycling waste. Furthermore, Aidro is firmly convinced in avoiding any action that produces environmental degradation, such as pollution, waste abandonment and anti-social behavior.

Attention to safeguarding environmental resources and saving them means producing better, optimizing available resources and minimizing waste. In order to safeguard environmental resources, Aidro has undertaken a path aimed at reducing waste, better management of resources and materials in order to reduce non-recyclable waste.

Since 2019, a new Sustainability Policy has been developed and all staff are involved in concrete actions, periodic activities to protect the environment and adhere to local and international initiatives to “Save the Planet”.

More info on our Sustainability projects  HERE 

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